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For more than 40 years, ENSCO has been leading the rail industry worldwide in the delivery of new and advanced technologies to improve the safety, security and quality of operations. As an international leader in advanced rail technology solutions for passenger, transit and freight markets, the ENSCO name represents the rail industry’s premier source for:

  • Track measuring systems
  • Autonomous track inspection systems
  • Machine vision track inspection systems
  • Track maintenance planning software
  • Vehicle/track interaction dynamics analysis


Orgo-Thermit, Inc. is an American based company headquartered in Manchester, NJ specializing in the following:

Thermit® Welding

Manufacturer and supplier of Thermit® welding kits and equipment for a comprehensive range of T-rail and crane rail profiles along with specialty processes, Full Head Repair weld and Head Alloyed Weld.

Technical Services Division

Our comprehensive welder training and certification program is designed to train welders in the installation of our field Thermit® welds. We offer specialty services for crane rail weld installations, non-destructive testing, UT testing of field welds, analytical and consulting services.

Rail Grinding Division

For rail grinding, our VM 8000, which is a bi-directional, 12 stone grinding vehicle is utilized for proficient precision grinding and corrugation removal, maintenance grinding in embedded track, removal of engine burns and head checks. Dedicated track time is not required, as this vehicle can move on and off track in less than 30 seconds.


Vossloh Rail Services provides highly specialized life-cycle servicing and maintenance work, from production and shipment of the long rails via maintenance and preventive care to the reconditioning and recycling of old rails. With its proprietary innovative technologies, state-of-the-art techniques, and skilled employees, the business unit ensures that today’s rails achieve their maximum life cycle. Vossloh Rail Services is a business unit of the Vossloh Group.

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