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Wyman Jones, P. Eng., M.ASCE, WSO-CSSD

F. G. Wyman Jones
Director – Rail Operations Engineering
Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority

Biography: Registered Professional Engineer (Civil) engaged in all aspects of rail engineering, system design, rail construction and rail operations from 1974 to present. Mr. Jones has had over 40 years as a professional rail design engineer working within the rail industry on operational issues, design issues, construction projects, and started his Wheel Rail Experience in Track Train Dynamics when it was still in its infancy back when he worked for CNR in the early 70’s. As a Rail Consultant he has worked throughout the world specializing in Rail System Design, Operational Evaluations for Heavy Freight Rail, Commuter Rail Services, both Light and Heavy Rail Transit Systems, as well as on legal litigations associated with rail transportation for Provinces, State and City Departments, assisted Various Rail and Transit Properties on Rail Incident Investigation, and provided expert rail training classes.

In 1998, Mr. Jones was hired by RTD as their Rail Safety Engineer, and moved to LA Metro where he has worked in all areas of their rail development and growth from their Supervising Engineer of Rail Wayside Systems, to his current position of Director, Rail Operations Engineering. Mr. Jones has already been acknowledged by FTA and TSI as a Senior Rail Technical Advisor and Senior Instructor for Rail Incident Investigations, Effectively Managing Transit Emergencies, Rail System Safety, and Advanced Rail Incident Investigations as well as holding the World Safety Organization’s Certified Safety and Security Director.

Accomplishments include the redesign of the Metro North La Salle Street Station, changing the old relay based manual route controlled signal houses to automatic computerized new technology, improvements to Go Transit Commuter Rail Service and Maintenance Yard designs to improve operating efficiency. Other accomplishments include changes to design build rail transit projects to ensure service reliability and long term maintainability and conducting formal Rail Accident Investigations for States and Operating Agencies to assist in finding the real causes from a systems approach so that reoccurrence can be eliminated. In addition, he has participated on many rail transit system changes and operating improvements to increase long term rail efficiency and reliability for new start rail projects or expanding rail transit properties. Mr. Jones was instrumental in having RTD/LACMTA look outside the transit conventional designs and incorporate a complete change in traditional AAR wheel design for the LA Metro Rail Transit System to engage a custom RTD-1 for the Light Rail Transit System and the Resco Wheel Profiles for the Heavy Rail Transit System with supportive rail custom grinding to improve rail transit wheel life performance from 20,000 miles to over 400,000 miles on the Metro Red Line Heavy Rail Transit Operation.