Heavy Haul Sessions Speaker:


Mark Montoya

Mark Montoya
Senior Manager - Track Maintenance / Engineering,

Biography: Mark Montoya is Senior Manager - Track Maintenance / Engineering, Union Pacific Railroad, Southern Region. In his 25th year at Union Pacific and his 16 th year in the advanced study of Track Geometry, Mark has become an industry expert in track geometry. Before joining UP’s Southern Region’s Engineering team, he worked as a Technical Training Instructor responsible for the development, implementation, and facilitation of infrastructure Safety, Maintenance, and Standards. Over the years, Mark has taught Track Safety Standards to thousands of engineering professionals. In his previous role as Manager of Track Compliance, he played an instrumental role in derailment prevention solutions and root cause analysis. Today, in addition to his primary job functions, he is working to expand the industry’s knowledge of alignment rate of change within a rate of change. His mission is to create a collaborative standardized solution for alignment irregularities that have derailment potential.