Rail Transit Sessions Speaker:


Arne Pfeil

Arne Pfeil
Product Dynamics Engineer – Railway Dynamics Expert

Biography: Arne Pfeil is Product Dynamics Engineer – Railway Dynamics Expert ALSTOM headquartered in Siegen, Germany. Arne has 13 years’ experience in Railway Dynamics. He is the lead Railway Dynamics Engineer for the WRIS® (Wheel/Rail-Interface Study) that aims to improve the wheel/rail-interface to minimize wheel and rail wear, and, thereby, enable higher fleet availability, reduce operating costs, and eliminate noise. The study was performed at more than 30 mainline, metro, tram, and light rail systems worldwide.

Arne uses his knowledge of Multi Body Simulation and Ground Borne Vibration, including participation in the FINE2 - WP8 (Shift2Rail) EU Project, where a commonly accepted, practical and validated prediction tool for ground-vibration impact studies will be developed, to plan, execute, analyze and evaluate Railway Dynamics related measurement. He has also designed and tested mechatronic control concepts (Passive Radial Steering (PRS), Independent Single Wheel Control (IWC), on which he holds a patent.

Arne has been an advisor on publications relating to: “Brake discs as damper for torsional oscillations of wheelsets,” “Causes and mitigations of curve squealing,” and a specification how to define and characterize typical vehicles, track, and soil conditions.

Arne holds a Bachelor and Master of Mechanical Engineering Master of Science from University Siegen, where his bachelor’s thesis was on “Torsional oscillation of wheelset” and his master’s thesis was on the “Risk of rolling contact fatigue.”