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Peeter Vesik

Peeter Vesik
Technical Analyst - Wayside

British Columbia Rapid Transit

Biography: Peeter Vesik is a Technical Analyst for British Columbia Rapid Transit Company (BCRTC), which operates and maintains the Expo and Millennium lines of Vancouver’s SkyTrain system.

Peeter began his career in the Research and Development department of a large Steel manufacturing company, where he designed and tested various products for the HVAC industry. Upon moving to BCRTC in 2016, he took on the role of a Technical Analyst in the Rail Maintenance Division of BCRTC. During his time at BCRTC, Peeter has analyzed wear and degradation trends on running rail, refined and implemented a system-wide strategy for rail grinding, and developed a method to forecast rail-replacement requirements. More recently, he has been working exclusively on the Skytrain noise-mitigation project, which is studying the effects of rail dampers, rail hardness, refined rail grinding practices, track switch maintenance, and top-of-rail friction modifiers on performance.