Athena Industrial Abstract:

Athena Industrial

Athena Industrial is a Canadian Research and Development firm manufacturing Non-Destructive Testing products. Athena’s presentation will focus on their proprietary technology, tools, and analytics suite which allows clients to have critical data and reporting functionality to meet the increasing demand for a higher level of direct assessment and fault characterization of rolling contact fatigue (RCF) in both rail heads and wheel rims.

Presentation of Athena’s patented Electromagnetic Field Imaging (EMFI) technology will discuss two applications of the company’s high speed non-contact scanner, RAGA and RODA. The first application, RAGA, is designed for rail head scanning, while the second application, RODA, is optimized for wheel rim scanning. The presentation will provide a detailed analysis of RCF damage detection and characterization capabilities, as well as the advanced reporting methods used in conjunction with Athena Industrial's technology.

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