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Linsinger Abstract:


Linsinger Rail Milling - a global maintenance technology

Linsinger high performance rail milling is a well-established maintenance technology that is nowadays used on 4 different continents. Rail milling is a rotational cutting process that can reliably reset the rail to an initial, as new condition almost independent of the actual damage situation. Another key characteristic is the absence of sparks and dust which favors the application in dust and fire sensitive areas like tunnels, bridges, stations or general fire-ban areas. With its variable metal removal capability milling technology can be used for all maintenance strategies – initial maintenance, preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance and the milling specific regenerative maintenance. Process by-products are collected on the machine for later recycling providing an important environmental added value. Furthermore, LINSINGER offers a unique integrated machine concept where the machine layout is designed as an integral part of the milling technology. As a one-stop OEM, LINISNGER can offer machines of various sizes and capacities to meet the demands of different railway systems ranging from small transit networks to full size heavy haul systems.

Please be aware - this Infozone will make you to start thinking “milling”. It will look at different application examples of LINSINGER milling technology on four different continents and at various types of railway systems to highlight the advantages of this technology. Different maintenance scenarios will be discussed and analyzed. The technical as well as economic decision process will be explained. The picture shown above is just one application example from Sydney/Australia where rail milling was used for the first time in history to maintain rails on the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge (see link to documentary below). In addition to the application examples, an outlook will be given about the activities of the first North American rail milling service provider Rhomberg Sersa.

Click here to watch Documentary about milling on the Sydney Harbour Bridge (8 min 35 sec):

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