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Vossloh Abstract:


Vossloh Rail Services - A global technical leader for rail milling and rail life cycle maintenance.

Vossloh Rail Services’ global footprint has always been focused on offering the correct maintenance practice, for a certain issue in track. The best solution to offer cost effective restoration is Vossloh Rail Milling, which was launched in North America in 2020. As more rail networks look to accomplish corrective maintenance with the Vossloh Track Milling Compact solution presented at the 2019 InfoZone, Vossloh now looks to help rail networks understand the benefit of truly preventive maintenance practices. Vossloh High Speed Grinding (HSG) is the next advanced tool for the rail maintenance toolbox, which allows preventative rail care, to happen during revenue service with no set track possession windows needed.

The transit optimized HSG-city machine, equipped with Vossloh Smart technology will be the first equipment of its kind in North America. The HSG-city is able to provide grinding in speed up to 40 mph, while also measuring the rail condition and thereby providing full the operator with a complete understanding of the rail status and creating a digital grinding plan for future passes in network. In addition to being a preventative tool to extend the life of rail, HSG is also is a well proven technology for noise reduction in municipal areas, due to its grinding surface quality and complete lack of repetitive grinding marks.

Vossloh Rail Services North America continues to roll out proprietary technology and delivery methods, in order for railroads to choose the correct tool for the job.

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