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2017 Heavy Haul Session


An International Collaborative Research Initiative (ICRI) on RCF and wear of rails and wheels

Eric Magel

Eric Magel
National Research Council, Canada

This ICRI was formed in 2013 to promote collaboration in the area of wear and fatigue of rails and wheels. With roughly 150 individuals, 80 organizations and 16 countries represented, it has proven a good and open forum for sharing ideas, data, and technical advice on a range of wheel/rail related topics. The ICRI is not a funding body – its basis is in-kind contributions by participants. This allows people and resources to come together very easily and is the backbone of this successful collaboration.

The ICRI has more than a dozen projects underway, including investigations into wheel damage, wear mapping, damage modeling, rail grinding on new rail and friction modeling. Each topic has one or more champions driving it forward. This presentation will provide an update on the ICRI activities to date and look to the future of this innovative research model.