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2021 Heavy Haul Session


Investigation by VLI S.A. of Lateral Running Position of Wheelsets and the Symptomatic Damages to Wheelsets and Truck Components

Paul Bladon

Paul Bladon
Wayside Inspection Devices Inc.

VLI S.A. (VLI) manages approximately 8,000 km of railway network in Brazil, and operate intermodal rolling stock. VLI has been monitoring the condition of trucks using a range of wayside monitoring technologies. VLI has undertaken an analysis of specific truck geometry metrics – principally the lateral position of wheelsets when at line speed – and symptomatic damages shown on the wheelsets and truck components. This presentation describes these findings and illustrates the inter-relationship between defective truck geometry and the physical condition of components. The analysis primarily uses data collected by the TBOGI wayside system, but also includes data from other sources where possible. The presentation also discusses how VLI are adapting their maintenance practices to address these issues. This is a proactive initiative by VLI to increase maintenance efficiency and increase the lifespan of rolling stock assets, with a focus on decreasing the wheel wear rate as this is currently the biggest problem for VLI on metric gauge.