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2021 Heavy Haul Session


Monitoring and managing W/R interface forces in revenue operation of QNS&L

Yan Liu

Yan Liu
National Research Council of Canada

High force occurring at wheel / rail interface is the driving factor that leads to wear, rolling contact fatigue, unsafe operation, deterioration of track geometry and premature component failures in railway system. To reduce the W/R force, one of the most efficient methods is timely identifying the high stress “pain” points in the system by a monitoring system based on instrumented wheelset technology, and then perform targeted maintenance actions. The proposed presentation demonstrates such a system being deployed and operated in Quebec North Shore and Labrador (QNS&L) Railway for more than one year. The results to be presented include effective reduction of L/V ratio by grinding activities, identification and repair of mild track geometry variations that generate high forces and gauge widening / tie cutting issues due to high curving forces related to truck warping.