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2021 Heavy Haul Session


Simulation, Testing, and Revenue Service Evaluations of Improved Frog Designs

Duane Otter

Duane Otter
Transportation Technology Center, Inc.

Special trackwork items, including turnouts and crossing diamonds, remain some of the more expensive and maintenance intensive parts of the railway infrastructure. At the heart of turnouts and crossings are frogs, where wheel paths cross. Significant advancements, and even new types of frogs, have been introduced in recent years in an effort to reduce maintenance and extend life.

The presentation covers the various types of frogs currently available for both turnouts and crossings. Development of some recent changes are discussed, including modeling simulations, tests and measurements, and revenue service monitoring of implementation. Issues include frog profiles, dynamic forces, and various flange bearing frog issues. Future advancements are suggested, including the need for further advancements in simulation and testing capabilities.