2022 Heavy Haul Session


Learnings from 20 Years of Canadian Track-Caused Derailment Investigations

Michael Roney

Michael Roney
Iron Moustache

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada selects a sample of the concerning train derailments that take place in Canada for detailed findings as to cause. The reports also look to potential areas for improvement, and note corrective actions taken by the railways.

This presentation shares patterns that have emerged from 20 years of investigations that have landed on track as a primary cause, as well as the railways responses to them. The results show clearly the results of improved electronic rail and geometry inspections over the years, improved understanding of the impact of rail neutral temperature, and extreme weather train speed protocols. They also show opportunities for further improving identification of risks associated with rolling contact fatigue, joint maintenance/removal, inspection for geotechnical hazards, tonnage increases on jointed rail and protection of disturbed track.

The presentation will summarize key learnings from these investigations, looking back with the lens of what we know today about vehicle/track and wheel/rail interaction.