2022 Rail Transit Session


Design, Operating, and Maintenance Issues Associated with Special Trackwork

Wyman Jones

Wyman Jones
LA Metro

With the growing Rail Transit Industry (Trolley, Light Rail, Rapid Rail, and Heavy Rail) the continuing improvements being made with System Designs in Train Control and Computerized Control of Interlocking Plants, it is important that the Design, Operation & Maintenance (O&M) issues with special trackwork are fully understood. This topic addresses the Special Trackwork Issues that LA Metro Rail Transit has been forced to correct and manage to meet the long-term State of Good Repair requirements on the Rail Transit Industry.

This presentation will try and explain the misunderstood philosophies of wheel/rail Issues that impact special trackwork and why new Design - Build contractors are recommending various designs or pushing for changes. It will highlight the continuous improvement engineering and consulting reports, that have exposed special trackwork deficiencies. From these Reports LA Metro has addressed and improved the long-term O&M implications to overcome problems, and the reasons that LA Metro is forcing new changes to their Metro Rail Design Criteria while holding other areas of criteria constant since conception. I hope these examples and issues being discussed will assist other Rail Transit Properties in better understanding the pros and cons of special trackwork design.