2022 Rail Transit Session


Using Modelling Software to Develop Wheel/Rail Profiles and Maintenance Plans

Rob Lampert

Rob Lampert
Monash University, Institute of Railway Technology

Abstract: The wheel-rail interface continues to be a key criteria to safe and efficient running of railways. Monash Institute of Railway Technology (IRT) has a long history of leading development in this area, including the pioneering of asymmetric wheel profiles. This paper will present a recent project delivered by IRT for a metro client, operating autonomous rollingstock, on a mix of new and legacy track infrastructure, focusing specifically on corrugation in a particular reverse curve.

Utilizing cutting-edge dynamic modelling software the loading forces developed by the rollingstock were calculated, a physical review of wheel and rail condition performed, and contact simulation carried out to assess the future options for the WRI. The output was a new suite of optimized wheel and rail profiles along with a maintenance plan to reach the new state in a controlled manner. While the whole current and future route was considered, particular focus was given to the area of rapid corrugation development to ensure an immediate mitigation strategy could be applied.